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MailAndFax is a full-featured contact manager application with an intuitive Explorer-like interface. You can keep all your friends, family and business contacts' information in one organized and clear environment.

MailAndFax makes it easy for you to manage your contacts due to his categories classification and his tree view.

Each contact record stores plenty of data such as name fields, phone numbers, e-mails, addresses, birthdays, job and family information . A powerful search feature helps you to find desired information in the database.

If you have a modem, you can dial phone numbers specified in the contact record. MailAndFax will automatically put your call into the call log, which is created for every contact.

With MailAndFax you can write and send EMail to all your contacts in a simple click. You only have to create mailing lists.

MailAndFax is a complete fax manager. You can receive faxes, print them, send faxes to a contact or a contatct list or fax a document from any program that can print. You can also scan the documents you want to fax directly from MailAndFax

You can import and export data in commonly used file formats (CSV, HTML and SQL). MailAndFax has an ability to interface with your email program and Web browser. Html export can be customized with templates you can create yourself.

MailAndFax lets you preview and then print your phone lists. You can easily create your own printing template with the Report Designer.

You can tune almost every part of the interface - customize toolbar, treeview and contact list. MailAndFax supports skins



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