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Intuitive interface

MyPhoneBook has an intuitive Explorer-like interface. You can start working with MyPhoneBook immediately after installation, without additional training.


Ordered your contacts by category with an alphabetic arborescence
The names of your contacts appear by alphabetic order, classified by the name or the first name. You simply click on the name to reveal information on this contact. The regrouping by initials is optional, you can activate or deactivate it by the Preferences menu. You can develop and reduce all branches, sort out your contacts by their name or their first name in the ascending or downward order, at will. The entries can be locked and the phone book can be encrypted by a password.


You can gather your contacts in 7 different categories in order to facilitate their classification. The choice of the posted category is done via this drop-down menu.

Printing capabilities
MyPhoneBook lets you to preview and then print phone lists. You can choose any of the predefined templates. You can easily create your own template from the Report designer.
Wide range of data for each contact

Each contact record stores plenty of data such as name fields, phone numbers, emails, addresses, birthdays, job and family information. Nothing misses. There are 48 possible fields for each contact.


Import and export of contacts

With MyPhoneBook, you can import your old address books from CSV. You can export the native files of MyPhoneBook in HTML, CSV, and SQL if you want to create a data base. Export in HTML is really flexible: you can create your own templates thanks to the integrated editor.


Special features

MyPhoneBook has many integrated functions. You can dial a phone number, store and view the history of your calls, write an email, visit a Web site, copy the address of your contacts and paste it in a document and finally visualize ICQ information of your contacts.


Customizable interface

Many aspects of the interface are customizable. You can move the menus, modify the toolbar, display or not icons in the menus and finally use skins. The list of contacts is also very flexible: checkboxes, images of categories, grouping by letter and index of the contacts can be enabled or disabled.

Multi lingual interface

The interface can be displayed in French or in English. Of other languages should follow shortly.