MYCalc2 is a powerful RPN programmable scientific/financial/statistical/Currency convertor calculator with units conversion, 2D functions study and multiple Skins.





MyCalc2 Ver 1.21:

Bug correction

- Correction of a bug witch makes MyCalc2 crash when saving the configuration file with some Windows version.

- Correction of a bug witch makes MyCalc 2 crash when loading a skin in certain conditions.


MyCalc2 Ver 1.20:

New functions :

-Probability distribution :

The program allows you to build statistical distribution graphs and calculate the values of their characteristics (statistical characteristics, values of cumulative distribution functions, quantile calculations) depending on the specified distribution parameters.

You can calculate the mean, the standard deviation, the coefficient of variation, skewness, kurtosis for 11 continuous and 4 discrete distribution types.


Quantile calculation is used in many fields where statistical data analysis is used. Now you do not have to use tables with quantile values MyCalc2 will calculate this value for any probability and for all distribution types.

-Fitting curve : You can fit curve with polynomials functions from 1 to 5 coefficients, or power or exponential function.

fit curve

-MyCalc2 now stores the statistical data.

-MyCalc2 now stores the state (mode and Fn state) of the calculator when you close it.


Improvements :

- Graph : Better look. You can now print the graph, you can choose the size of the pen witch draws the curve.


Ver 1.15 : bugs correction + a new smaller skin, that will fit better on small screens...

Real size.

MyCalc2 ver 1.12

Change log :
Correct a bug with the - function.
Right click on the secondary display will pop up a menu where you can print or copy to clipboard the stored data.

MyCalc2 ver 1.11

Change log :
-Bug correction. The ver 1.1 was buggy. If you use a decimal separator different from your country default's one, you will have a bad bug with no display of the skin. To correct this, download this version.

MyCalc2 ver 1.10

Change log :
2 new modes :
· Time mode and complex numbers mode
· Add a Stop watch, an alarm and a count down. Arithmetic with time
· Complex arithmetic, 40 new functions with complex numbers.
· Possibility to view the stack with CTRL+S

MyCalc2 ver 1.01

Change log :
-If the default font 'Arial unicode' isn't installed on your computer, MyCalc2 will use 'DejaVu sans Condensed' instead. This font is installed with the version 1.01 of MyCalc2.

-MyCalc2 will now works for every user of a computer.

-In Programm Mode, you can now access the calculator's memory. The variable you have to used is called mem. It's an array[0..99] of extended. For instance if you want to access to STO 00, you'll have to read mem[0].

-MyCalc2 will now check for update every time you run it. if a new version is available the download will be done silently and a message will appear when the download is completed.

-In Graph mode, when you drag and drop to move the graphic, it will continue to move depending on the speed and distance you move the mouse.


Awards :