Storage registers

Storage Registers

Numbers (data) in MyCalcAndroid are stored in memories called “storage registers” or simply “registers.” Four special registers are used for storing numbers during calculations (these “stack registers”are described in Getting Started-Reverse polish Notation-), and another (called the “LAST X” register) is used for storing the number last in the display before an operation is performed. In addition to these registers into which numbers are stored automatically, up to 100 “data storage” registers are available for manual storage of numbers. These data storage registers are designated Sto 0 through Sto 99.

Storing and Recalling Numbers

To store the number from the display into a data storage register:

1. Press 'Sto' (store).

2. Key in the register number: 0 through 9 for registers Sto 0 through Sto 9 if MyCalcAndroid is set on the '10 memories'  mode or 00 to 99 is the calculator is set on the '100 memories' mode.

Similarly, to recall a number from a storage register into the display, press : 'Rcl' (recall), then key in the register number. This copies the number from the storage register into the display; the number remains unaltered in the storage register. Furthermore, when this is done, the number previously in the display is automatically held inside the calculator for a subsequent calculation, just as the number in the display is held when you key in another number.

Clearing Storage Registers

To clear a single storage register — that is, to replace the number in it with zero — merely store zero into it. You need not clear a storage register before

storing data into it; the storing operation automatically clears the register before the data is stored.

To clear all storage registers at once — including the financial registers, the stack registers, and the LAST X register — press 'CA'. This also clears the


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