Financial functions

Financial Mode


The Financial Registers

In addition to the data storage registers, MyCalcAndroid has six special registers in which numbers are stored for financial calculations. These registers are designated n, i, PV, PMT, P/YR and FV.

Storing Numbers Into the Financial Registers

To store a number into a financial register, key the number into the display, then press the corresponding key (n, i, PV,PMT, P/YR, or FV).

You can also edit and view the values stored in the financial registers with the 'Edit' key.

Which operation is performed when one of these keys is pressed depends upon the last preceding operation performed: If a number was just stored into a financial register (using  n, i, PV, PMT or FV), pressing one of these five keys calculates the corresponding value and stores it into the corresponding register; otherwise pressing one of these five keys merely stores the number from the display into the corresponding register.

Clearing the Financial Registers

Every financial function uses numbers stored in several of the financial registers. Before beginning a new financial calculation, it is good practice to clear all of the financial registers by pressing 'ClF'. Frequently, however, you may want to repeat a calculation after changing a number in only one of the financial registers. To do so, do not press 'ClF'; instead, simply store the new number in the register. The numbers in the other financial registers remain

unchanged. You can also clear the financial register in the 'Edit' window with the 'Reset' button.

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